Welcome to our new home!

Our company, known until now as Promo Sports Depot Plus, has embarked on a rebranding journey that has lead us towards a corporate name change with a new logo, a new outlook on business, and essentially a press of the "refresh" button.

In today’s competitive and dynamic market, it is essential to stay relevant and welcome opportunities to make progress. We have done just that.

Today, we are excited to launch our new name and logo. Formerly Promo Sports Depot Plus, we are now Expressive Promotions Screen Printing & Embroidery.

Our brand enhancement is more than just a new name and logo. It is a new attitude and renewed commitment to our business partners: YOU, our customers. We are excited to continue to provide you the best possible customer service we can, now and well into the future.

Our transition to Expressive Promotions will take place over the next few weeks. During that time period you will see our new name and logo, website, email and signage changes phased into our communications. We are very excited about this new change and hope you will be also.

We would like to Express our thanks to you for your years of patronage and continuing support.

Express yourself, and let us bring your ideas to life!